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Dog hair grooming

Dog Hair Grooming

Just as we groom ourselves to appear presentable and clean, our pets also need grooming.

Our pet’s fur is important, not only in terms of their looks, but also for their health. The fur on your dog’s body provides a blanket effect and keeps it warm in the cold weather. The fur is also a protection to the skin and without it, the dog would be exposed to infections and allergies of the skin.
Knowing how important dog fur is, it is important to take care of it properly.

Of course, the fur adds tremendously to the looks of a dog. Think of a dog with frazzled, unkempt fur and compare it to another dog with clean, shiny and smooth fur, and you will know the difference.

Unlike you, your dog doesn’t need fancy hair cuts or expensive salon treatments. Dog hair care is simple and can be done right at home.

However, in order to keep the fur clean and healthy, regular grooming is extremely important. Some dogs have a double coat and therefore require more grooming, as dead hair seems to collect. A thorough brushing everyday can keep the dead hair combed out of your dog’s furry body and will also prevent hairy tumbleweeds from forming in your house. Brushing not only keeps the dog’s fur clean and healthy, but also helps keep the ticks and fleas in control. Another great advantage of regular combing and brushing is that with the brushing action, the blood vessels under the skin of the dog get stimulated. These blood vessels dilate and their blood carrying capacity increases. This has an excellent affect on your dog health.

A lot of dog hair grooming can be performed at home itself. All you need is a brush that is suitable to the coat of your dog. For instance, if your dog has a thick wiry coat, a thick brush or a wide toothed comb will be required. For fine, long hairs, a fine toothed comb will do just fine. If your dog has fleas or ticks, you can also use special medicated anti-tick or anti-flea powder that can help get rid of the parasites. Simply rub the powder on the dog’s skin as you are grooming it. There are special clippers available at pet stores which can help you trim the length of your dog’s hair. These are useful for dogs that have long hair that may get in their paws while walking. Clipping these hairs is easy and does not require any special expertise.

  Submitted on June 3, 2010  

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