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Bunny Health - Information on Health Problems, Concerns and Issues In Bunnies

Bunnies make great pets and are generally believed to be easy around.

Bunny health care can however be quite challenging because of the variety of bunny health issues, and also because of the limited information on most bunny health concerns. It is your responsibility to gather as much information as you can as your bunny is entirely dependent on you.

Bunny Health Problems, Concerns and Issues

There can be various bunny health problems, concerns and issues. Annual health check- ups are a must.

You must be able to point out any changes in daily habits must be monitored very closely because only you will know when the bunny is diverging from his daily habits.
Bunnies are prone to many health issues. Fleas are common cause and one that can affect the bunny’s human owners too.

Consuming different parts of your garden can also cause the bunny to ingest insecticide which can lead to its own host of problems.

Rabbits are prone to respiratory infections and you should worry if your rabbit is having trouble breathing or is constantly sneezing. Bunnies are even prone to dental problems. Cancer is another big disease that happens in bunnies. Corneal ulcers is a common infection that bunnies contract. It can be detected with extreme blinking or tearing or even a refusal to open eyes. Corneal infections can also be signs of cancer so you must keep a close watch.

One of the biggest health concerns that bunnies face are digestives issues.  Almost 60 per cent of the rabbit comprises its digestive tract. The digestion process is a very important one along with feeding the bunny correct food. It is very important that the bunny’s digestive tract remains healthy and does not get blocked with hairballs. It could cause bloating too, which is another common health concern in bunnies. A bad diet in a rabbit can lead to another host of problems like obesity which also is caused by the lack of exercise.

It’s not easy to tell if your bunny is not doing well. You need to keep a close watch. They can rapidly deteriorate from looking fine to dying, within almost one day.  Some signs that you should use as panic buttons to call your vet are not eating for over 24 hours, not urinating, blood in the urine if it does urinate, not defecating at all, lack of coordination, head tilts and extreme listlessness. In such cases, you should immediately call your doctor as a bunny can rapidly deteriorate in health.

  Submitted on January 31, 2012  

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