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Caring For Bunnies - Comprehensive Information on Bunny Care Guide, Checklist, Sheet and Tips

Most people love keeping bunny rabbits for pets, since they are such cute and cuddly creatures.

Moreover, there is a common belief that caring for bunnies is quite easy, as compared to many other domestic animals. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. On the contrary, caring for bunnies is not a very easy task.

Just like any other animal, rabbits have their own requirements, which need to be met, in order to ensure that they lead a healthy and a happy life. Some of the basic factors that are seen in a bunny care sheet include litter training, housing requirements, food and diet and so on. In fact, proper bunny care should begin even before a pet owner brings the rabbit home for the first time.

Bunny Care Guide

Given below is a checklist of all the items that should be included in every bunny care guide:

• Sturdy cage, with a solid bottom
• Carrier
• Supply of rabbit pellets that are of good quality
• Litter box, lined either with pelted bedding or hay
• Hay rack, with grass hay
• A food bowl, made of either metal or ceramic
• A water bottle or a ceramic water bowl
• Soft brush for grooming
• Safe chew toys and a digging box

Children Caring For Bunnies

Many parents think that the best way to get their children to take on the responsibility of owning is pet is to get them a rabbit. However, this is usually a bad idea as rabbits are fragile and delicate creatures. They get frightened with children try to hug them, hold them, cuddle them and carry them around, which could cause them to go through excessive stress after which they start biting or scratching others. There have been several instances, where a child has dropped a rabbit accidentally; unfortunately, this can lead to a broken back or legs. Moreover, rabbits need to be taken to the vet on a regular basis, for routine checkups. Therefore, while family with children can think of keeping pets, the primary caretaker should be an adult.

Bunny Care Tips and Info

It is quite easy to find several bunny care tips through online resources or books. However, a lot of information found through such sources may be contradictory. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional pet breeder or preferably a vet, for detailed and accurate bunny care info. Caring for bunnies may not be an easy task, which is why it should never be treated lightly.

  Submitted on January 4, 2012  

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