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Bird Care

Care for Bird:

Birds are wonderful as pets.

These winged wonders can enjoy as close a relationship with their owners as a dog and a cat would do. They are extremely social and require a lot of gentle care and personal attention.

Since pet bird care is vital, a lot of accessories and pet bird products are available in the market that help you make the bird’s environment as friendly as possible.

Some birds love to talk and sing, others may love perching themselves on their owners’ shoulders or share food with them. Most pet birds love interacting with their masters and therefore, it is your responsibility to take good care of the bird.

The first step in caring for your pets is to get them a bird house or an aviary. Some bird houses are designed in a way that they provide complete exercise to your pet.

Aviaries can be put outside your house or inside it. The cage or the aviary that you put your pet in should be roomy enough for the bird. Birds can be very messy, therefore giving them ample space is important. In the cage, do not forget to provide basic accessories like ceramic or steel bowls that are used for giving food or water to the bird. Other accessories like bird perches and toys can also be put in the cage to keep the bird occupied.

There are many types of foods available for different types of pet birds. When the food is packaged, it also specifies which particular specie it is intended for. The packaging and weight of the bird food may differ from package to package. Bird seeds like safflower can also be procured by the packet. These seeds are available in pet stores and specific bird supply stores. Bird feed mixes, formulated foods, and seeds can be bought to feed the birds. While buying the foods, make sure that you have enough to last for at least a week or until your next trip to the store.

Wild bird care will be a little different from your pet bird care. To take care of wild birds, you may install outdoor bird houses and bird baths. Baby bird care is also very different from regular adult pet bird care. In order to be able to care for your pet birds, it is best if you give a considerable amount of thought to getting yourself the right kind of bird and also make sure that you can allocate adequate time from your schedule to spend with your pet.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010