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How to Determine Dog Age?

(June 10, 2010)

You can determine dog age with the help of a few basic factors. Generally, average dog age can be determined in terms of human years. For instance, if a dog is about a year old, then it is the equivalent of fifteen in human years. When he/she reaches the age of two, then the dog is roughly twenty four in human years. After the first two years, add four years to every year to calculate dog age. Thus, a three year old dog will be twenty eight years old and a four year old will be thirty two years old and so on. In addition to calculating the lifespan of a dog in this fashion, you can also determine dog age depending upon a dog’s size. Large dogs have smaller life spans while smaller dogs tend to have a longer lifespan. In addition, you can also calculate dog age by examining his/her teeth. Dogs tend to have all their permanent teeth in place by the time they are seven months old. Examine your dog’s teeth to ensure his exact age. If he/she has clean, white teeth, then the dog’s age is likely to be a year or younger. If, on the other hand, your dog’s teeth are yellowing at the back, then your dog may be between one and two years old. Dogs with discoloration on their back teeth are usually between one and two years old.

Once dogs start getting a little older, their teeth indicate much more wear and tear. If you notice tartar build up or worn out teeth, then your dog’s age is likely to be between three and five years. Check for any evidence of dental disease and tartar. In such cases, your dog’s age may be between five and ten years. If your dog has a few teeth missing and if he/she has severe tartar build up, then your dog is likely to be above ten years of age and requires veterinary care. In addition to examining your dog’s teeth, you can also calculate dog age by examining his/her snout. If your dog’s snout has white hair appearing around it, then your dog is seven years or older. Dogs tend to develop white hair around their nose and whiskers at about seven years of age. If your dog’s eyes are opaque and if he/she has a greasy coat, then this is indicative of old age. 

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