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Dog Age Calculator

 Submitted by Michael Adams on May 28, 2010

To calculate dog age you can use a simple formula. Simply translate, one year in a human life is equal to seven years in a dogs’ life. That is – for a human child of two years, the equivalent will be fourteen years of age for a dog.

The reason for this is that dogs age and mature a lot faster than humans do. Unfortunately this method of calculating the age of a dog is not completely accurate since the maturity of a dog is reached at a much faster rate than that of a human. This can be better understood below.

Use of the term ‘dog years’ or how old is the dog is the same as the age that a dog would live to / or age if it was in human years. The reason that dogs and humans differ in their maturity is because the puppy phase or the childhood of a dog is much shorter than the time they live as adults in their complete life span. The dog will have attained maturity between eighteen to nineteen months. This then throws a contrast to the lifespan of a dog – for instance, in dog years when a dog is ninety eight years old, a human is only fourteen. This is the dog’s age in human years and many of them actually live to this age – the probability of most humans attaining this age is very low.

People wonder how to calculate dog age – or the age that it will most likely live to, given that it is a healthy animal and is being well looked after then you could calculate the age by the size of the dog. For instance, if the dog is small in stature then multiply the human years it has lived by three to get its age in dog years. If it is a medium dog, then multiply it by four. For a large dog, you can use a multiple of six and for really large dogs; the multiple factor that can be used is eight. This is drawn from the fact that dogs that are smaller in size tend to have a longer life span than that of a large dog. Another way to check the dog’s age is for the first two years of its life use a multiple factor of ten and a half and add four years to every consecutive year of its life.

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