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How Much Water Should Dog Drink Per Day?

(May 27, 2010)

Dogs are probably the most common household pet all over the world and the fact that each breed has its individual strengths, weaknesses as well as character trademarks means that any dog lover is likely to find one that will perfectly match his or her taste. Moreover, the fact that some animals are very versatile, with breeds like the Doberman Pinscher known to be very efficient security animals and the St. Bernard considered to be very effective in rescue operations, dogs can provide a number of benefits when housed as a pet. For all these positives, probably their biggest character trait is the fact that they are extremely loyal and affectionate animals, making the best possible companionship for any kind of frame of mind that the owner may be in. Dog care is not as much of a hassle as it is with other animals, as long as they are trained effectively while still growing up. Dog toilet training is perhaps the trickiest of the lot and getting the animal to go to a special spot or outdoors may require a certain amount of patience to accomplish. Once this problem has been conquered, though, a dog owner will experience hardly any problems when it comes to caring for his or her animal.

Exercise is an important part of a canine’s daily schedule and allowing the animal to stretch its legs and hone its natural instincts is important for the mental and physical well being of the animal. As with any kind of strenuous physical activity, it is important to pay close attention to the animal’s water requirements. Just as with humans, the dog’s body consists of as much as 75% and 80% water in puppies while senior dogs will have a body content of about 50% and 60% as a result of a natural increase in body fat. Water for your dog is essential because of the many roles it plays in the functionality and upkeep of your canine. For example, water serves to carry nutrients throughout the body while also lubricating body tissues and helping in the detoxification process. Moreover, it also helps in the regulation of body temperature.  The amount of water consumption will differ from animal to animal keeping in mind the animal’s size as well as exercise patterns. Healthy dogs that weigh under about 20 lbs will usually require no more than 8 oz of water per five pounds of its body weight. However, this calculation is not feasible when dealing with bigger dogs. When the dog is allowed free access to clean water throughout the day, it will usually consume enough water as required and the owner does not really need to keep track of its consumption.
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