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How to Treat Cat Constipation?

(April 30, 2010)

Cat constipation is not an uncommon problem. Although this problem is generally observed in older cats it can also occur in cats of any age. Most cats have two to three bowel movements a day. If you notice any change in this pattern or if the cat has not had any bowel movement for over two to three days this could indicated that the cat is constipated. If this is not treated in time it can cause serious problems. Sometimes constipation in cats can also be a symptom of a more serious disease. Some of the cat constipation symptoms are Loss of appetite, frequent trips to the litter box and lethargy. The main causes could be dehydration, a poor diet, poor hygiene and other factors such as lack of exercise, stress and other illnesses.

There are a lot of cat constipation treatments that you could try doing at home before making that trip to the vet. You could give your cat a laxative. The dosage would depend on the size of your cat; you could consult your vet for the recommended dose. Although most cats don’t digest milk well it would be a good idea to give constipated cat milk as it would act as a laxative. Give your cat teaspoons of canned pumpkin juice through out the day as it can relieve the constipation with in 24 hours. Always ensure that the cat has plenty of drinking water both during the day as well as night as dehydration is one of the main cause of cat constipation. Move from dry to wet cat food as it contain plenty of water and helps overcome constipation. Your cat should be given food that is high in fiber as it keeps constipation away. Add a teaspoon of bran in warm water, mix it well and then add this to your cats’ food. Any changes to the cats diet should be done gradually and spread over a week. You could also add a few drops of olive oil to your cats’ food as it help relieve the cat from constipation. Ensure that your cat has the required exercise and activity everyday and is not lethargic as this can cause constipation too. Consult your vet to know the ideal weight your cat should be as constipation is very common in overweight cats’.

If you’ve tried the above steps and the constipation still persists you may want to consult the vet as this might indicate a more serious problem.

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