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What are symptoms of pregnant dog?

(December 31, 2009)

Most new dog owners will generally not be able to effectively tell if their pet is pregnant until the pregnancy has progressed quite far. However, knowing a few of the signs to look out for is essential in order to properly care for the pet during this critical phase. Some pet owners are also very careful about breeding of their animals and, under normal circumstances, confine the bitch during the mating season. Sometimes, however, a breeding may take place without the owner’s knowledge. At other times, the breeding may be a deliberate action in order for the animals to produce a litter. Whatever may be the case or purpose, correctly identifying the early symptoms of a pregnancy will help the owner take better pet health care.

The symptoms that you see will vary depending on the stage of the pregnancy the bitch is at. For example, some of the earlier signs of being pregnant include the animal experiencing a significantly decreased appetite. This is the canine version of morning sickness and does not necessarily affect all pregnant bitches. You will also notice that the animal tends to become a little more lethargic, much as it is with women of the human species. This is mainly the result of the exhaustion created as a result of the continually changing hormones required to support the embryo production. The nipples on the animal will tend to become significantly larger and you will see some breast material start to develop beneath the nipples in order to prepare for eventual milk production.

About three to four weeks into the dog pregnancy, the owner will usually notice an increase in the appetite. Around the same time, the animal will also appear to put on a considerable amount of weight. This will happen mainly because the bitch’s abdomen will tend to thicken while a gentle examination of the area with your hand will reveal a firm, flat feeling over the area.  The abdomen will become increasingly large as the bitch moves toward the last staged of her pregnancy. The size, however, will vary depending on the number of puppies she is carrying in her litter. Some puppy movement will be easily felt during the last few weeks of the pregnancy while the puppies get into position for birth. On the day of the delivery, the animal’s temperature will drop down considerably to between 97 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit while the animal will also tend to become rather restless and seemingly prepare the area where she is going to deliver.

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