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Rat Care Information

 Submitted by Michael Adams on August 6, 2010

Rats are very intelligent animals and so it is not difficult to look after one as a house pet. However you need to have time and be able to give your rat the same amount of attention and care that you would if you were looking after a domesticated dog or cat. Although they are tiny, they are not low maintenance pets.

Being social animals it is recommended to keep them in pairs.

A few rat care tips are:

Rats are very affectionate animals so they will need a lot of attention from you everyday. If you give proper rat care and treat them as companions then, just like dogs, they will bond well with you.

Rats are very playful and sensitive pets. They learn tricks and even respond to their names if taught well. You need to spend at least one hour everyday with your rat outside the cage as it gives it good exercise and keeps it happy. Rats are nocturnal so you will notice that they are very active at nights. Carry your rats as often as possible as it is important for them to get used to your smell and touch. While lifting your rat keep in mind to not pick it up with its tail. Just place your palm down and let it walk up on your hand.

Another important thing for the pet rat is its cage. A wire cage with horizontal bars is perfect for your rat. It should be at least 2 square feet in size. There should be a platform at the base of the cage for the rat to lie down and move around. Try and make some wooden balconies in the cage. This helps the rat move around and play in the cage. Rats are inquisitive and mischievous by nature so adding a few small toys such as toy ladders, ropes, boxes of different sizes gives them a lot to play with. Add small bedding in one corner of the cage. The nest box is very important in the cage. A small cardboard box, a jar, flower pot turned on its side or even a small store box is ideal as the nest box. You need to make the cage a fun place for the rat as it will spend a lot of time here. Talk to your rat the same way you would talk to a child; with a calm and loving voice as this will help to strengthen your bond with it.

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