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Healthy Dog Treats Recipes

 Submitted by Michael Adams on August 6, 2010

Dogs are considered very much a part of the family and so their health is our primary concern. Healthy food plays an important role in a dog’s good health and that’s why dog owners are more concerned about the type of food that they give to their dogs. The same goes for dog treats, as we all frequently want to give our dogs a good treat as a reward for good behavior, quick learning, or simply because we love them.

Till very recently most dog owners bought ready made dog treats from pet stores, but in recent years there has been growing awareness about the harm that processed foods can cause. Veterinarians advise their clients on the importance of healthy homemade dog treat recipes as a holistic approach to a dog’s health. Readymade food from pet stores can also be costly and comprise of preservatives and artificial food colorings/sweeteners.

The ingredients used to make these commercial dog treats are often not as per the required standards. So, if you are worried about what nutrients your dog is getting from store-bought dog treats, then it is always better to opt for healthy homemade dog treat recipes. Not only are healthy dog treat recipes more nutritious, but they will save you some money as well.

By giving your pets goodies made from healthy homemade dog treat recipes, you can take control over their diet and can ensure that they are getting the right balance of nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. Before giving homemade treats to your dog, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian to know their definite nutritional requirement. To avoid any digestive upset, a change in diet should be introduced slowly; recipes or ingredients may be rotated frequently to ensure nutritional variety. If your dog is allergic to any foods then make sure that you always check the ingredients on products and are cautious particularly with vegetarian dog treats. Dogs are often allergic to grains such as wheat, and these are commonly used as cheap fillers in commercial dog foods.

Here are two major tips for choosing healthy dog treat recipes:

  • Ingredients: This is the most important thing you should keep in your mind before preparing homemade treats for your dog. Dog treats should be made with natural or organic ingredients or whole grains such as oats or brown rice and single source proteins like chicken or beef. Always make sure to avoid sugar or fat which are not good for your dog. In addition to a single source protein and whole grains, include healthy vegetarian dog treats that have oxidant rich vegetables such as spinach, beans, or kelp.
  • Calorie Count: Always make sure you look for the calories of the treat. You should avoid giving your dog excessively high caloric foods as this may cause unnecessary weight gain and discomfort.
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