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Persian Cat Personality and Information

 Submitted by Michael Adams on May 7, 2010

Persian cats are one of the oldest breeds in cats. These cats are medium sized with a very long thick coat, tiny legs and a highly emphasized wide head with ears on either side, placed at a distance. The average life span of Persian cat is believed to be around 10 years and in some cases, even 19 years.

These cats are valued for their beauty and exquisite elegance and also temperament. The Persian breed of cats is thought to have originated from Persia; as a number of hieroglyphics that have been discovered over the years point to theory that the pet cats depicted in the hieroglyphics resemble the Persian cats. This breed of cats is highly recognized and sought after.

It is a fact that the Persian cat owners have to put in a lot of efforts for Persian cat grooming. This fact however hasn’t affected its popularity, you might want to gently dab their faces with a damp clean cloth daily, give them proper food and also ensure that they receive a monthly bath. You might want to know that the Persian cat is a not a low maintenance breed. You need to clean their eyes regularly for avoiding crust buildup and tear staining. These cats require regular grooming for avoiding matting. These cats have dense fur and hence a regular cleaning regime has to be undertaken without fail.

Selecting Persian cat food can be quite tricky; these cats have different kinds of dietary requirements. However you will have to avoid feeding them absolutely anything that is not meant for them. Persian cats must not be fed pet food intended for other pets; you might want to cut down on giving your cat excessive milk as it could lead to diarrhea. The diet of a Persian cat must include lots of proteins, fiber and healthy oils. Apart from the food you might want to give your cat, fresh water must be given at regular intervals. Ensure that the container containing your pet cat’s water supply is refreshed at regular intervals during the day. Cat food should be discussed with your vet; the vet should be able to direct you well on the kinds of supplements you might want to give your pet cat for his fur and general well being.

The Persian cat personality is quite elusive. They are calm creatures, and like to be cuddled while they crave for affection. They usually communicate with their large and well-rounded eyes. They are totally laid back and will move around without making much noise. They do have a very melodious small voice. Persian cats require plenty of attention; before purchasing a Persian cat you should gather as much Persian cat information. Over a period of time, Persian cats are likely to develop genetic defects, namely polycystic kidney disease and hence it can help to test for these defects and treat them in advance. These cats make great pets and are guaranteed to get attached to you as soon as they settle in your home.
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