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Persian cat grooming

How to Groom Persian Cat:

Persian cats are one of the most famous cats in the domesticated feline kingdom.

They have achieved this level of fame because of their very unique facial characteristics and because of their long flowing fur. Unfortunately, this fur becomes a pain to manage when it comes to bathing and grooming your cat. The Persian is not naturally very adept at dealing with its own fur and because of this you have to take the onus of degreasing, bathing, and grooming your cat.

A cat’s fur is not really like human hair but the hair care products that you use can be quite useful for the cat as well. Ideally, a shampoo and conditioner combination is the best way to go. There are, however, specialized cat treatment shampoos that are especially effective.

Bathing a persian cat is a slightly laborious task and not least of all because of a cat’s aversion to water. For this reason, you need to make the bath as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Note that a certain amount of cooperation from the cat is required so if this is your first time at trying to bathe a cat, it is best that you take it to a professional. You could also get the animal to be more used to water by wiping a warm wet towel over its body first. Once you do get the cat in a small tub, the warm water will pacify it and you can then get to work at cleaning the cat. Start by soaking and soaping with the shampoo. Pay special attention to areas that are especially full of fur. Some experts advise trimming a cats nails before a bath for obvious reasons but remember to never clip the nails too short either.

Once you are finished with the bath, pick up the cat and wrap it in a towel. Use the towel to then soak up all the excess fluid on the cat. Once you are done with this task, use a hair dryer and a very gentle brush to start combing the fur. Try and follow the lines and natural contours of the cat while doing this. Eventually, your little fluff ball will be completely back to its pristine state. Remember to take care to not subject the cat to rapid temperature changes or to any kind of cold winds while it is wet as this will cause it to catch a cold.

  Submitted on February 9, 2010  

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