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 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 22, 2010

Training is the most important aspect that defines the behavior of your dog and it is the dream of every pet owner to train your dog in a way that he obeys your commands and is very well behaved. There are a number of dog training advice that you will get from different sorts of people but ultimately it is you who knows your dog best so do what you feel will help the most but following a few guidelines from them is always helpful. Training your dog is not difficult if you learn the dog training basics as training will become a joyful experience for both you and your dog.

Always use the positive dog training method and not the negative dog training method as the former method is resulting and a great way to train your dog. This method follows the practice to reward your dog each time he obeys your command by rewarding him and thus, help him realize that it is the right behavior. The reward depends upon what your dog likes the most and could be any favorite snack, a fun game, a lot of affection like a rub on the belly or patting.

The reward can also be a mix of all of the above mentioned rewards as long as your dog is happy.

On the other hand, if your dog does not listen to you, you simply do not treat him or forego his play time for a little while till he obeys you as in this way he will know that particular behavior was not desirable and will cause him to lose out on things that he enjoys. Rather than punishing your dog for the wrong that he does as is followed in the negative dog training method, do not reward him. Punishment will have a number of negative effects on your dog, fear being the first one that directly affects your relationship with your dog. Aggression is another effect of punishment which might have serious behavioral issues with the dog.

Dog training tips include ignoring the bad behavior not all the time but most of the time as this has proved to be very effective. If you yell at your dog for a wrong behavior that he has done, he might not understand that as most dogs will consider any attention to be good attention. Thus, ignoring is the best weapon that you can use to fight wrong behavior in dogs.

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