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Good Dog Training Tips and Tricks

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 22, 2010

Most people feel that it is very difficult to decide which breed of dog to buy for your home. However, what most people don’t realize is that once they have selected a breed, preparing the dog for training can be equally challenging.

Deciding to train your dog and then preparing it well for the training that it is going to receive is a very critical decision.

The training that your dog receives is also critical to you as it will define the dog’s behavior for the rest of its life.

The training of a dog also depends a lot on the breed that you have chosen. A good dog training regime takes into consideration the personality of the dog and the particular function of the breed.

Dogs are classified according to the work that they perform and the best dog training programmes design their schedules to incorporate these specifics.

Some dogs are predisposed to being more obedient and trainable than others. However, since dog training is a big part of shaping your dog’s personality, you can send your dog to obedience school and see the difference in the personality of your dog. Of all the dog training tips, the most important one is to begin early. If you begin your dog’s training when it’s still just a puppy, you can help shape the puppy’s personality.  
Though there are many dog training tricks, the simplest and the most effective of them all is to understand the delicate relationship between a human and a dog. At all points of time during the training, the trainer has to maintain a relationship of trust with the dog. Once you are able to do that, consider yourself ready to train your dog.

Though there are many dog training schools, a lot of pet owners like to train their dogs at home. A good dog training routine includes potty training and basic disciplining techniques like sit, stay, and heel. Home training is also the best option when you do not want to spend a lot on training issues. Dog training at home can be taken up everyday when you take your dog for a walk. Basic commands like stay and heel can be taught during this time. The sit command can be taken up any time at home.

To make your dog behave in the appropriate manner, make sure that your dog is obedient. Train your dog to never pull you or drag you. The dog should always allow you to take the lead.

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