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Dog Kennel Training Basics

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 22, 2010

Dog houses have been extremely popular with pet owners since a long time. While these doghouses are a great alternative for housing your pet outdoors, it is not always possible for pet owners to have such dog houses. One of the common reasons for that is the limitation of space.

Not all people have so much space in their house that they can have a dog house installed. Those who live in apartments do want to have kennels for their pets but it is not always possible.

A definitive alternative to a dog house is getting a crate.

Crates can serve well as kennels and give your dog a personal confined space. Though a lot of dog enthusiast’s debate over the feasibility and the humaneness of kennels, it is largely felt that the dog needs to have its own personal space. If a kennel or a resting space is not provided to your dog by you, the dog will pick its own resting space anywhere in the house. To avoid this, a kennel becomes all the more necessary.
Training your dog to use a crate or a kennel can be very important. With the help of a kennel or a designated crate, communication with dogs also becomes extremely easy. For instance, when it is nap time for a dog, the crate can be indicated to show the dog that it is time to go to sleep. The kennel or crate can in fact also be used to reinforce behavior.

The use of the kennel also needs to be planned well. If you do not plan the kennel’s use, your dog may end up feeling imprisoned. Ideally a dog should be introduced to a crate right from the time when it is a puppy. When the puppy is separated from its littermates, the crate can help it make a permanent space in its new home. The loss of its playmates can be a lot to cope up with for a young puppy. However, if it is used to a crate after being born, introduction to another one after being adopted, will only make it feel more comfortable.

It is also important to make sure that your dog is not sent to the kennel too often. A kennel or a crate offers a constrained space and therefore may not be comfortable for the dog if used for prolonged periods. Dog kennel training can be taken up in brief periods. The dog can be lured into the kennel using special treats. Once the dog is inside the kennel, ask the dog to stay. To train your dog to use a kennel, you may need to use all of the dog training basics.

Different people have their own dog training technique. However, it is important to be patient to the dog when you are training it.

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