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Feeding Dry Foods to Cats

 Submitted by Michael Adams on March 30, 2010

Choosing the right kind of cat food is challenging for owners. Several cat owners are now substituting regular cat food for natural and organic cat food. In addition, several cat owners prefer to make their cat food at home to ensure that there are no harmful components in their cat’s diet.

Before changing your cat’s diet, you must ensure that you consult your pet’s veterinarian about the diet most ideally suited for him/her. Cats have different needs depending on their age and health conditions. Moreover, your cat may take some time to adjust to a new diet and such a diet must thus be introduced gradually.

If you are switching to natural balance cat food, for instance, you should start with small quantities and then gradually increase the proportion of natural cat food with your cat’s regular diet. Dry cat food is generally cooked under high pressure and heat and contains about 8-10% of moisture. In addition, a certain amount of fat may be sprayed on to the dry cat food to make it more palatable. Regular dry cat food may contain animal protein by-products and grain based ingredients. Natural dry cat food however, contains a higher amount of animal protein and almost no grain content and may be a better choice for your pet. Natural dry cat food may also contain carbohydrates that help in retaining its shape. Natural dry cat food is ideal for your pet as it can be left in his/her bowl for some time without losing its freshness. Unlike wet cat food, dry cat food can stay in your cat’s bowl for a longer period of time without becoming spoiled and unappetizing.

Wet cat food like canned food tends to spoil if left uneaten for longer than thirty minutes. The best dry cat food is food that is best suited to your cat’s individual health requirements. However, you can choose the best dry cat food with the help of a few tips regarding what to look for in cat food labels and what to avoid. While purchasing natural dry cat food for instance, always ensure that it contains a good amount of protein. Avoid purchasing dry cat food that has any unnamed ingredients on the label, for instance, bone and meat meal and poultry by-products. You should also avoid dry cat food that contains protein fillers like corn gluten meal, wheat gluten and egg product meal.

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