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Organic Foods for Cat

 Submitted by Michael Adams on March 30, 2010

Cat owners are becoming increasingly skeptical of harmful synthetics and preservatives in certain commercially produced cat food and are thus making the switch to natural cat food and organic cat food. Several cat owners prepare organic cat food in their own home to help protect their pet against harmful ingredients in genetically altered or artificially flavored cat food. While it is important to be concerned about your cat’s health, you must also ensure that he/she can withstand the switch in diet.

Consult your veterinarian about the specific needs of your pet and assess his/her health. This will not only help you determine the nutritional requirements of your cat but will also help you decide whether or not your cat can switch to organic cat food or natural cat food. Moreover, your cat may experience some digestive problems while switching from one kind of diet to the other.

While changing your cat’s diet to organic cat food, ensure that you do it gradually. Start with a small portion of organic cat food and gradually increase portions to ensure that your cat adjusts to his/her new diet well. Natural cat food is cat food that contains ingredients that have been derived from animal, plant or mined sources. Natural cat food thus does not contain harmful ingredients like artificial flavoring or other synthetic additives, preservatives or coloring. Natural cat food uses natural preservatives like vitamin C or vitamin E. In addition, natural cat food is composed of whole ingredients. These include fruits, beef, vegetables and chicken. Generally, natural cat food does not contain by-products. Organic cat food is similarly made using whole ingredients, but the process of growing and raising ingredients is very strictly monitored. Organic cat food is produced under strict supervision by authorized certification agencies. Organic cat food is processed minimally and does not contain any chemical preservatives or additives.

You can choose from organic dry cat food and organic wet cat food, depending upon your cat’s requirements. Organic dry cat food is convenient for both you and your cat as it can remain in your cat’s bowl all day and still retain its freshness. In addition, organic dry cat food has very little odor and does not give off a nasty smell like uneaten organic wet food. Take care not to leave organic wet cat food outside for longer than thirty minutes as it may start to deteriorate and become contaminated.
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