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Foods Causing Allergies in Dogs

 Submitted by Michael Adams on March 26, 2010

Food allergies are among the most common allergies that occur in dogs. The exact phenomenon of why a dog’s immune system overreacts to certain foods is not yet fully understood. Particular agents present in some foods trigger an antibody reaction within the intestinal tract, thereby resulting in the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Identifying these symptoms will help to diagnose and treat such allergies. Selecting the right dog food for allergies will also help to prevent such reactions from occurring.

Appropriate foods include those that contain the right ingredients.

Dogs may differ in their dietary requirements and their reactions to various food stuffs. Therefore, when selecting dog food, pet owners must select foods which contain ingredients that are suitable for their respective dogs. Many pet owners are of the opinion that the best dog food for allergies is a lamb and rice diet. However there are also other types of dog food which can be beneficial and healthy too. Organic food does not make use of artificial preservatives and chemicals which can contribute to allergic reactions. Natural dog foods consist of ingredients that are of human grade and as such these are safe and healthy for pets, even those that exhibit allergic reactions. In some cases, dogs may also experience allergic reactions to ingredients that are otherwise considered healthy. Hence, keeping this in mind, one needs to select only those dog foods that do not contain those ingredients.

Foods that commonly trigger allergies include beef, chicken, dairy, wheat and corn. Most of the foods that trigger allergic reactions contain some type of protein and these foods are usually contained in many commercial dog food products. The symptoms of a food allergy may include itching, skin infections, ear infections, scratching, hair loss and abnormal bowel movements. Once the allergens are eliminated from the body, the symptoms subside. For dogs with allergies, commercial dog foods that are low in nutrition must be avoided. Also to be avoided are foods that contain animal by products and chemical additives.  Opt for holistic dog foods that do not consist of fillers and other harmful ingredients. In addition to regulating the diet, allergic reactions can also be prevented by keeping the dog away from areas where trash is kept. Also refrain from feeding bones and table scraps to the dog. Nutritional supplements may be given to dogs to help combat allergies and prevent inflammation, itching and other such symptoms.

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