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Turtle Care

Turtles are amphibious creatures and even when we adopt them as pets it is necessary to make sure that they get the best of both the land and water world.

Though turtles belong to the reptile family, they are harmless and can make very easy pets. Unlike dogs and cats turtles do not require constant attention and hence make them out to be good pets for busy people who are also animal lovers.

It is believed that if you take care of your turtle properly they can even outlive you!  

The right temperature, clean water and enough room in the aquarium and the correct kind of food are the main aspects of turtle care. That is why most turtle care instructions say that your aquarium has to be two thirds with water and the rest should be set apart for the turtle to bask in.

The first and foremost part of turtle care is to make sure that you pick a correct place to house your turtle. Some people like to have it indoors in an aquarium or a turtle tank and some prefer it to be outdoors in a tank or some even create a turtle pen. Either way you should be very careful that the right habitat is provided with enough light and the correct temperature and clean water. You should make sure that the turtle environment is protected at all times. It should be kept clean, every few weeks you should check the tank for floating debris or fecal build up as these could lead to health problems for your turtle. It is best to install a good filtration system and a basking light in your turtle tank or the pen as this will help a great deal in keeping the environment clean and healthy for your little pet. Other turtle care tips include  feeding your turtle in a smaller tank as food residue can aggravate infection, also each time you handle your turtle make sure your hands are clean or you could use gloves as this will avoid contaminating both the water and the body of the turtle.

Turtle care and feeding go together as a proper diet is a vital part of a regular turtle care routine. Feed your turtle the prescribed diet and makes sure you feed him 2-4 times a week. Turtle care information can be gathered from the research you do and you could also find a vet specialized in reptile care as he will be able to give you more tips.

  Submitted on August 6, 2010  

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