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Top Ten Dog Diseases

Higher levels of awareness about common diseases, their detection and treatment have helped humanity deal with and avert several crises in recent decades. Keeping yourself well informed about infections and health conditions that can afflict your faithful friend would likewise better equip you to protect him or her. Pet health care is not horribly complicated, but very essential for the simple reason that most animals, although hardy creatures, can deteriorate very rapidly when they take ill. This means that it is necessary for you to be able to detect any signs of illness swiftly so that medical attention may be sought promptly.

Here is a list of top ten dog diseases that seriously threaten the well being of your four legged friend.


Canine distemper is a viral respiratory disease that is simply terrifying, as it can progress to cause damage to the brain. Thankfully most animals that are infected don’t take seriously ill, but more than half of those that do, never recover.


This viral infection cannot go unmentioned in any list of dog ailments. Although described as an infection that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration from damage to the intestines, which in itself is severe, the infection can do a lot more damage. It can cause fatalities from its direct effects of dehydration and loss of fluid or also from infection of the blood.


It doesn't take a dog health care expert to understand the seriousness of this infection. Rabies poses a threat to not just the dog, but there is also a risk of contagion to humans, as to almost all other warm blooded animals. This life threatening illness has not been curable to date, and the only effective treatment is that of prevention.

Kennel Cough

This is again a viral infection and is one of the common dog illnesses. It can spread quite easily when there is a large population of dogs housed in a small area, typically as in kennels. This is how the disease earned its name. Kennel cough causes inflammation in the upper respiratory system. Although most animals recover, there is some risk of complications, particularly among puppies.


This bacterial infection can afflict not just dogs, but a variety of animals, humans included. The infection affects various organs, like the liver and kidneys, but it can be prevented with vaccination. The immunity following vaccination is however limited and would need to be repeated annually. In the case of an infection treatment generally involves administration of antibiotics.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

This highly infectious disease is again caused by a viral infection and it affects the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, and the eyes. If the dog has not been vaccinated the disease can turn fatal within just a couple of hours following the appearance of initial symptoms.

Lyme Disease

This is a tick borne disease that results from a bacterial infection that occurs upon being bitten. It doesn't just affect dogs, but can also affect humans, among other species.


This is a contagious disease that can cause mild stomach problems, but it is non-threatening. Puppies and dogs with a weakened immunity are however at an increased risk of developing complications.


This is one of the fastest growing dog illnesses in the United States, as well as in some other parts of the developed world. This is largely attributed to the dietary changes in developed nations, where most food comprises of commercially sold processed food. Overfeeding and inadequate opportunities for exercise are also contributing factors. The problem with obesity is that it can bring on a host of other health problems, severely affecting the animal’s quality of life and reducing the lifespan.


A heartworm infection can be spread through a mosquito bite, if the mosquito is a carrier of the heartworm larvae. These parasitic worms live in the heart, arteries, and lungs of the dog, causing a great deal of damage. Once infected there is not much that treatment can do, which is why prevention is so important.

It would be advisable to gather as much info as you can on these common dog ailments, so as to provide your faithful companion with the best dog health care possible.

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