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Puppy Potty Training Tips

Puppy potty training is one of the most important tasks that new pet owners find themselves doing.

Do remember that all puppies are different. Also, some breeds are more difficult to potty train than others. And like human beings, every puppy has a different personality.

Some will learn this earlier, while some puppies will take their own sweet time to get potty trained.

On your part, puppy or dog potty training will take a lot of patience and perseverance. Do remember that a puppy is actually a baby and like babies, they too will take time to learn the potty procedures. Small puppies so not have control over their bowels or bladders.

By the time they realize that they have to go to relieve themselves, they just cannot hold it any longer. So, till then you need to be patient and try to keep your puppy off your precious carpets and rugs.

How to Potty Train Puppy

When you are thinking of buying a puppy and looking around for breeders and kennels, then try to find a breeder or family, who have already started potty training a puppy. If you wish, you can crate train your puppy or use play pens or child gates to confine your puppy to a specific area, so that they so not roam all over the house when you’re not looking and poop or piddle on rugs and carpets.

If you feed commercial pet food to your puppy, then try to give it dry food because this will keep her stools dry and solid. Keep your puppy to a place where there are tiles, so that you can wash off the area. You must chart out a schedule for your puppy. Feed her at these times and then take her out for potty after she eats. You may have to regulate your bedtime with your puppy’s bedtime and the time she wakes up.

A puppy needs to drink a lot of water, so do put out a bowl of water for her all through the day. You can remove this bowl of water about two hours before her bedtime. Try to feed your puppy about three to four hours before she goes to sleep, and take her out for potty just after that.

Take your puppy out after every meal. You must also take her out first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Take her out when she wakes up form a nap, after she plays and in the middle of the night, if you hear her moving around. Take her to the same spot every time. You may also want to take her out on a leash, especially if the place is a distance away from your home.

  Submitted on June 10, 2010  

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