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Horse nutritional supplements

Horse Nutritional Supplements

Horse nutritional supplements are designed to work at the cellular level.

They function by providing many essential nutrients to the cells of the body. This improves the strength, health, endurance and resilience of the cells. There are many equine nutritional supplements available in the market today. However, not all may be designed and balanced to meet the requirements and specifications of different categories of horses.

Most of these nutritional supplements can be expensive and difficult to administer on a daily basis.

Breeding, diet and exercise contribute to the health and good performance of a horse. Working horses and show horses reach their maximum potential only when their primary food and nutritional supplements meet their specific needs. Horse supplements should aim at providing a complete and balanced combination of probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

In addition to improving performance, supplements are also beneficial for horse nutrition. Horses may be vulnerable to deficiencies of salt and therefore they must be given salt blocks which they can lick whenever they feel the need. Serving this along with horse supplements helps to maintain the health of the horse. Salt deficiency can also hamper the horse’s feeding habits. It may result in an excess of other important nutrients which can be detrimental to the health of the horse. The main objective of an equine nutritional supplement should be to provide basic and economical nutrition in order to enhance health and functioning of horses.

Horse food mainly consists of a balance of proteins, grains, water and horse supplements. These are the main components of a healthy diet that allows a horse to stay strong and in good health. There are several reasons why a horse must be given supplements. The hay that horses feed on may not be very consistent. Horses also undergo a great deal of training and this leads to stress. This may cause them to feel restless. Injuries may also take place and vitamin and mineral supplements help them to heal and recuperate better. Horses that are constantly under training for races especially require nutritional supplements due to the significant demands being placed on their bodies. Horses need to have rather long feeding times since they tend to chew their meals and supplements thoroughly. Each feeding may last up to one hour. It is important to select the right quality of equine nutritional supplements which will help horses to function well and achieve their optimal potential.

  Submitted on May 20, 2010  

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