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Baby gerbil

Baby Gerbil

Baby gerbils are also called pups because they look like small pups within a week of being born.

Most gerbils have about 3-9 babies, some have more while others have less. A baby gerbil is dependent on its parents for the first few weeks. Parent gerbils feed and bathe these little pups and take good care of them. Baby gerbils are very cute and can be held even when they are very tiny.

Some parent gerbils dislike their babies being touched. If you find that the parents are becoming aggressive or do not like you touching their babies, the best thing to do is to remove them from that situation by giving them something to do. Be careful when you are holding them as they are fast. Try to be in an area which will cushion their fall.

Gerbils are popular as pets due to their willingness to socialize. Gerbils generally accept humans as companions. Pet gerbils are inquisitive and playful. They are small in size and quite in nature which makes them ideal pets. An adult gerbil is usually between six and twelve inches long and the tail is almost half the length of its body. Remember that you cannot keep only one Gerbil as a pet as they need to mix with other Gerbils. It is better to buy the number you would like to keep at one time only and thus ensure that they are getting along. Keep in mind that your pet gerbils will fight if they are kept in a small cage. Provide ample space in the cage for them. Use clean aspen bedding for the cage and change this weekly. Gerbils are omnivorous and you will not have a problem feeding them. They prefer carrots, apples, oats, sunflower seeks, pumpkin and peanuts. Do not give them sugar or lettuce as these two foods are harmful for them. Gerbils need sticks and chews as this helps them to trim their teeth.

Gerbils are generally strong and are resistant to disease and infections. The main gerbil health problems they might suffer with are allergies, epileptic fits, broken bones, wounds from fights, tooth loss, cysts and tumors and respiratory infections. The latter usually occurs when baby gerbils are 3 weeks old. The best thing to do is to take precautions to prevent the above from happening. Keep their cage clean, give them quality food and water. Do not give them any drugs unless prescribed by a vet. 

  Submitted on May 24, 2010  

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