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How to stop a cat from spraying in the house?

(August 13, 2010)

Cat owners tend to experience considerable frustration when their felines start exhibiting the behavior of spraying in the house. It is important to remember that cats do not do this to spite their owners. There are various reasons why cats resort to spraying indoors and with some effort it is possible for owners to correct this behavior. To stop a cat spraying in house, the underlying factors behind the behavior must first be identified.

Firstly, one needs to determine if the cat is actually spraying indoors or is he spraying. Spraying or urine marking is an instinctive behavior often displayed by cats. They mark their territories using a small amount of urine. This is way of keeping other cats off their territory. If you find that the urine is lower down on the furniture or walls and not on the floor, it is possible that the cat is spraying. In case there are urine puddles on the floor, it could mean that the cat is spraying. These are different problems that are usually caused by varying factors. In case the cat has suddenly begun to spray indoors, it may be due to a change in environment. New surroundings, new faces or new pets could cause a cat to feel threatened and hence territorial marking is likely to occur.

Spraying indoors may be attributed to several factors. One of the common reasons why a cat is likely to stop using his litter box is medical conditions. Some sick cats tend to avoid using the litter box as they may associate pain with it. The litter box itself could also cause a cat to urinate outside of it. Cats are clean animals and may not like using a litter box that is not properly cleaned. The box should also be spacious enough for the cat to move about. Disturbances while using the litter box may also cause the cat to avoid it. Older cats may be unable to retain complete bladder control. Placing an extra litter box around the house is beneficial in such cases.

In case of suspected medical problems, it is advisable to have the cat examined by a vet. Cat bladder infections or other diseases can be treated through antibiotic treatment. In some cases, dehydration can cause bladder problems. Therefore the cat must always be provided with fresh, clean drinking water. Certain dietary changes may also be necessary as sometimes commercial dry cat food may be the cause of infections. In case of environmental factors, spending some more time with cat helps to determine the cause of the stress or fear.

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