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Puppy Limping Front Leg, Paw. Suggest causes and treatments?

(August 3, 2010)

Dogs are probably one of the most commonly housed domestic pets all over the world and their sense of loyalty as well as companionship are very highly regarded. Over the years, the distinct line between master and pet have significantly diminished with a number of owners actually considering the animal to be very much a part of the family. In a number of cases, the pet is actually even treated better than the family members! However, this princely treatment is quite often just reward for the joy that these animals bring into our lives. Dogs are highly intelligent animals that can be trained to perform a number of tasks however, their ability to accomplish these tasks efficiently will also depend on the breed as some breeds are more tuned into certain kinds of actions more than others. Having a dog or puppy requires the owner to be responsible enough to be able to detect any symptoms of illness as soon as possible because of the fact that dogs have a tendency to suffer in silence no matter how painful the problem might be. All this does is – in cases where the conditions are rather serious – the owner is not going to be able to identify its presence until the time the condition has developed significantly – also severely impeding the treatment options and effectiveness that may have been available were it to have been detected earlier. It is primarily for this reason that the bond between owner and dog needs to be very strong.

A puppy limping front leg or a dog limping front leg can be the result of many factors. One must always consider the fact that since dogs are a very physically active set of animals, the chances that they may have suffered a sprain or trauma to muscles, bones or even cartilage is always a very prominent possibility. Moreover, the condition could also easily be nothing more than a case of stiffness – something that will ease out on its own after the blood flow has been restored to normal.  Another very common condition in which one is likely to see the dog limp substantially is in the case of a sharp foreign object such as a pin finding its way into the animals pad. This can be especially painful for the animal and requires instant removal to allow the animal to walk properly again. It is important that the owner or veterinarian conduct a thorough examination of the animals paw and leg when it is seen to be limping.

What to do if dog is limping

Submitted by N M on August 3, 2010 at 06:58


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