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What pups don't grow and stay small?

(November 2, 2011)

What are some puppies that don't grow?

There are different types of dogs that come in varying sizes colors and body structures, depending on the particular breed. In the past dogs were mostly kept for practical purposes like protection or for some task like sheep herding or hunting. Specific traits or brute strength were therefore requirements. This has changed drastically in the last century and the popular perception of dogs is more as a loving and faithful companion. Many dog enthusiasts therefore prefer smaller dog breeds.

There are few of us who will not find a puppy irresistibly cute and it isn’t uncommon to find yourself wishing that your puppies don’t grow any bigger. Sadly, ‘puppyhood’ like childhood, is fleeting and your cute, cuddly little puppy will inevitably grow up. There are some small puppies that don’t grow much, because of their breed characteristics.

Small dogs are normally considered to be those dogs that weigh less than 22 lbs or are found to be smaller than 16 inches. Some of the well known small dogs and small puppies’ breeds include the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest dog in the world. These dogs only weigh around 6 to about 8 pounds and stand just about ten inches high. Some of the other small breeds with puppies are that don’t grow too big include the Staffordshire bull terrier, the miniature Pinscher, and the Eskie.

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What are the kind of dogs that never grow?

There are various different kinds of breeds of dogs that exist. There are some that are hairy, there are some that do have any fur or hair, there are some that grow to become large dogs and there are some dogs that never grow. Small dogs are those dogs that never grow taller than 16 inches and which are less than 25 pounds in weight. The smallest dog in the world is the Chihuahua. This dog weighs only about 6 pounds to 8 pounds at the most and is approximately 6 to maybe 10 inches tall.

Another one of the little dogs that never grows very tall is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This dog will only grow about 14 inches to 16 inches in height and will weight between 24 pounds to about 36 pounds. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is among the larger of the small dogs. A Pomeranian is another small dog that is considered to be a good indoor dog and friendly with children.  Some other common examples of small dogs include the Eskie, the Miniature Pinscher, the Italian Greyhound and the pug. Small dogs are just as easy to train as any other dogs and they are better adapted to life indoors.

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What are some breeds of dogs that stay small?

Choosing a breed of dog requires some thought as there are a large number of dog breeds to choose from. Even among miniature dog breeds there are a fair number to choose from. When choosing a particular breed it makes sense to view the habits, styles, temperament of the dog along with one’s own lifestyle, home size and preference for dog size. There are various kinds of dog breeds that are referred to as toy breeds or breeds of dogs that stay small. By definition, small dogs only include breeds that do not grow to a weight of over 25 pounds.

Smaller sized dog breeds need greater care as compared to larger dogs, particularly when puppies. Smaller dogs do not have much weight and will dehydrate quickly when ill. Small breed dogs are also more likely to develop low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Some of the miniature breeds of dogs that stay tiny include the Eskie. This dog at first glance appears to be similar to the Samoyed, but is not really. If you often wish for a dog that stays small forever then the Chihuahua may be the perfect dog for you. The Italian greyhound and the Miniature Pinscher are some of the other popular small dog breeds.
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All of us love puppies and wish that sometimes are pups would never grow up. There are some breeds of puppies that don’t grow very much after eight months to a year. Even among dog lovers there are people who are unsure of handling big dogs and some how feel that big dogs can not be controlled by them but still want to have a dog, such people have an option of adopting dogs that sty small. Along with being very cute to look at they are easy to maintain. They actually make ideal pets for the people who live in apartments. Small dogs are classified as ones that weigh less than 25 pounds and don’t grow beyond the 15 inch height. These stats are not always constant and can vary from each dog even among the small breed ones.

Some of the most popular dogs that appear to be puppies that stay small are the Chihuahua dog. These are the dogs that don’t grow big and are one of the tiniest dogs among the dog family. They usually grow to a height of not more than 10 inches and weigh up to a maximum of 9 pounds making them easy to fit inside your tote bag! They are very loving and devoted to their owners but can become aggressive with others if they are crossed. Another small dog breed that is slowly rising in popularity is Pugs. With their usual coloring of dark faces and cream colored bodies they easily endear themselves to the entire family with their cuteness and playful ways. They are mostly friendly, very loyal to their household and rarely aggressive unless they are trained to be that way. Dachshund are every friendly with older people and so make them ideal for pets to people who have time to spare as they bask in attention and need a lot of pampering.  This makes them very affectionate and very possessive of their owners. They don’t much care for children and can become aggressive if they are pushed around too much. This trait in them makes them very good watch dogs. The Pomeranian is a popular indoor dog especially good with children because of its playful nature. Though they can get a little noisy with their high pitched barks and are very slow in making friends with outsiders. These are just a few of the dogs that stay small there are others like the toy poodle, the terriers and the corgis that can make good pets too.
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