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What to Feed Sick Dog?

(June 11, 2010)

When a dog is sick, its habits and mannerisms undergo several major changes. For instance, a sick dog generally refuses to play and spends plenty of time lying down at your feet, lethargic and fatigued. Moreover, he may also refuse his food and/or water and may spoil himself. Sick dog symptoms need not be obvious and so any distinct change in his behavior would warrant a visit to the vet. A sick dog suffering from stomach disorders like vomiting and diarrhea will require a lot of liquids in their diet as dogs get dehydrated very quickly.

When it comes to an accurate sick dog care and diagnosis, a visit to the vet is a must. The vet can also recommend various medications which may be necessary to treat the ailment. The vet may also prescribe medications to ease your dog’s discomfort by reducing the severity of the symptoms. Make sure that your dog drinks an adequate amount of water. Dehydration caused by dog vomiting can cause extreme thirst. This thirst will drive your dog to drink too much water which will then cause him to vomit. This is a vicious cycle which can leave the dog severely fatigued and cause severe damage to his internal organs if it is left untreated. Do not fill your dog’s water bowl. Instead, wait for 10 to 15 minutes after he vomits and then give him a little water. Wait for another 10 minutes or so and then give him a little more water. Repeat this action throughout the day to ensure that your dog receives an adequate amount of water without him bringing it up.

A sick dog’s diet is very important as it provides his body with the nutrients it requires to fight off the illness. Steam a handful of unpolished rise and then blend it to form a thin paste. Boil a thick slice of lean chicken meat and blend it in with the rice. Keep this in the refrigerator and warm small amounts each time you feed him. Make sure that your dog has a clean comfortable place to rest and feed him small amounts of the food in the same way as you ration out the water. Unpolished rice is easy to digest and has several types of fiber that help to keep his gastrointestinal tract problem-free and the chicken provides him with the vitamins and proteins his immune system requires.

If your dog is refusing to eat or drink, you can make some stock by boiling a few bones and some lean chicken. Stock is very nutritious and easy to digest and feeding him even a few spoons at a time will help to provide him with the nutrition he requires.    
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