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Can Dogs Have Aspirin?

(June 10, 2010)

Aspirin is an over the counter drug which many of us use to relieve minor aches, pains and in some cases even fever. However whether aspirin for dogs is a good option is dependent on many different factors, and it is usually not advisable to take such a decision without expert guidance – namely, from a veterinarian. It is natural for us to confuse human medications with those that we give our pets. There aren’t many over the counter pain relievers for pets, and giving human medication might at first seem to be a good solution, but it is important to realize that this can cause more harm than good. A visit to the vet is therefore definitely advisable.

The dosage of aspirin is different for humans and for dogs, and even differs from one dog breed to the next. What is safe for you may not be safe for your dog, and what is safe for your Labrador may not be safe for your Beagle. The wrong prescription of aspirin for dogs can cause their stomach lining to get eroded. This can eventually lead to gastric ulcers, which can in turn lead to your pet having to undergo surgery. Another danger with giving your pet aspirin is that you may be treating the symptom instead of the problem. It is important to understand why you want to give aspirin to your pet. Is it because you feel your dog is suffering from some kind of pain? If your answer is yes, then wouldn’t you want to know why he is in pain?

A good vet will usually check your pet and diagnose the reason for his pain and will only then prescribe the necessary medication. Directly administering a painkiller may temporarily get your dog back to normal, but in the meanwhile, the underlying problem may actually get worse.

It is advisable to have a wait-out period if you think there is nothing major wrong with your dog. After that, if you still feel he is unwell and in pain, consult a vet. Your vet will prescribe a suitable course of action to treat the injury or illness. In addition, if a aspirin or some other painkiller is necessary, it will be prescribed. You should feel free to voice your concerns when you visit the vet. The vet will gain a better understanding of what the problem could be, and will also be able to guide you to a better understanding.
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