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How to Care for Cats?

(May 26, 2010)

Quite a lot of us are pet lovers and enjoy spending leisurely time with animals. But before buying a pet, one must know how to take care of pets. Cats especially are complex and need a lot of special care and attention. One has to spend time for cat care, grooming, playing with the cat and looking after it. Some cat care tips might help understanding cats and their needs. One should take care right from choosing a cat to looking after the cat during diseases. A feline can have a long and good health if taken proper care.

One has to think carefully about certain things while choosing a cat. A cat’s life is about twenty years and hence it is a major commitment. A cat should be chosen according to your lifestyle. Another important decision to make is whether to choose an indoor or an outdoor cat. Both indoor and outdoor cats Outdoor cats are more prone to diseases since they tend to get infected very easily. One of the most important things to take care of is the cat’s diet. A well balanced diet is a prerequisite for  cat health care. Feed your cat daily. Make sure that your cat’s diet contains enough vitamins and minerals. Include all kind of foods in your cat’s diet such as meat, poultry and fish. Make sure that your cat drinks enough fresh water every day. Maintaining the cat’s hygiene is also a very essential thing. Make sure you bathe your cat regularly and clean the litter box every day or whenever needed. Make sure your cat spends enough time sleeping. If it is an indoor cat, make a comfortable spot for the cat to lie down or else purchase a comfortable bed. To keep your cat occupied, purchase some pet toys.

Make your house cat proof. Cats are inquisitive and curious. They can easily learn how to open doors, latches and cabinets. Keep the front door, attic door and the basement door closed. Keep all string-like objects such as tinsel, rubber bands, and thread away from the cat. Cats get easily attracted to such objects and tend to eat them. Just like humans, even cats are prone to diseases. Make sure that you get your cat checked by the vet regularly and also vaccinated. At one stage in cat’s life, neutering becomes essential. It prevents unwanted birth and also diseases related to the reproductive tract.
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