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How to Give Cat Medicine?

(May 13, 2010)

There are various different methods that cat owners and cat trainers use to give cat pills. One of the main ways to give a cat medicine is by catching the cat from behind and ensuring that the thumb and also the index finger are kept in a position just where the maxilars actually join. It is preferable to try and do this when the cat is sitting in a position that is high enough so that one does not have to bend over when the drug is being administered. Next very gently try slowly shifting the cat’s head in a backward position while at the same time gently trying to raise its mouth. The cat may not like this treatment but will not really object. Next slowly begin to put pressure on the cat’s jaws using one’s thumb and also the middle finger or the index finger. The cat’s mouth will continue to stay closed. Then proceed to very gently insert your ring finger or your middle finger in between the cat’s front teeth and all the while push down on cat’s bottom jaw. When the cat’s head is bent in this position backwards, it will have no real power to bite on the finger. So once the cat’s has its mouth open wide, simply push the pill down the cat’s mouth as far as it can go. If it goes deep enough the cat will probably not even get a taste of the pill and hence will not try to throw it up. One can even try to give cat syrup. Then continue to hold the cat’s mouth in a closed position and try to gently rub down the cat’s neck till the point you are sure the cat has actually swallowed the pill.

Next release the cat and watch to see of the cat licks her mouth as this would be an indicator that the cat has swallowed the pill. However any way keep a watch on the cat for about 10 minutes or so as the cat may be smart enough to throw out the pill later on. One can even make a routine of giving the cat some kind of nice treat post this medication process to make the cat feel good and maybe even relax the next time the pill is given in the hope of getting another treat. One can try at times to simply apply the cat syrup or medicine on its fur and let it lick it up.

Submitted by N M on May 13, 2010 at 07:01


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