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How to Give Cat Vaccination?

(May 13, 2010)

Trying to give a cat vaccination is not that difficult a task. However one should try and follow some simple rules and methods on when to vaccinate cats . A proper procedure is primarily followed so as not to injure the cat or harm it in any way.

When attempting a vaccination, simply start off by placing the cat on to a table surface or some similar kind of elevated surface. The cat should be placed in such a way that the cat’s head is kept in a direction facing away. Preferably pick a surface that is slippery like one’s washing machine. This is primarily done to deter the cat from trying to run away especially since it will not trust the surface it is standing on and may have the fear that it will fall at any time. Then proceed to hold the readied syringe between one’s index finger and one’s thumb of the dominant hand. Next lift a fold of the cat’s skin using your forefinger and your thumb of the other hand thus forming a kind of tent. Then you have to try and locate the subcutaneous area. This is defined as the area that lies between the raised cat’s skin and its body. Next insert the needle of syringe into this particular area till the point one can tell that the needle is entering the cat’s skin. Then pull the plunger of the syringe backwards and after making sure that the needle has not entered a blood vessel proceed to inject the medication. If some blood is seen entering the needle then immediately withdraw the needle. Once the injection has been administered correctly remove the needle and massage the spot gently. This will help in reducing any irritation and also in soothing the cat. One should always remember to have the vaccination syringes etc. kept ready prior to even starting the procedure.

If the cat looks it is going to resist and put up some kind of a struggle, then immediately request somebody to help to hold the cat down. A cat that is moving around can be hazardous when one is administering the injection as it may hit some other vital part of the cat’s body or may even hit the person administering the vaccination. When to vaccinate a cat is a common consideration that most owners are unsure about. It is preferable to vaccinate the cats when they are younger but one can always check with the vet for the correct time.

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