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How to Potty Train Guinea Pig?

(May 5, 2010)

Guinea pigs are great to house as pets and you can let them free in the entire house, keep them in a cage or confine their roaming to a limited area of the house. You might be concerned about the litter that the little piggy makes if they are roaming around the whole house and thus, you will feel the need to take some time out and train your guinea pig on how to potty. If you want to teach them to use a litter box, that may be a task as guinea pig litter training is not very easily acceptable by them and this is primarily because they are very shy. However, training them is not at all a tough task and all you need is patience and some time with your pig. You can use wooden or paper pellets as litter box and you can also use normal bedding that you would use in a whole cage. If you have kept your guinea pig in a cage, put the litter box in a corner of the cage preferably where the guinea pig litters otherwise and you can use a small plastic dish for it.

You can put some hay in the box so that your pig goes to the area and you can even put some guinea poop in the box before hand so that it helps him to realize that he can litter there. Once you see that your pig has used the litter box, reward him instantly with a favorite treat of his so that he knows that this is the right behavior. Remember that you should never force the guinea pig to use a litter box as it will not have the desired effect. Some guinea pigs are more comfortable to potty on newspapers or regular towels and it is encouraged that you keep these preferences of theirs in mind. Guinea pig potty training outside the cage follows the same procedure where you need to be observant about the place where the pig goes to potty and then place the litter box or paper towel in that area. If your guinea pig is running around a lot, place them in the litter box until they potty and once they do that, treat them with something that they like. You can place the litter box below a stool or a high table as doing their business under a covering makes the pig feel more secure.
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