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Why cat pee on bed?

(March 26, 2010)

One of the most common problems experienced by cat owners is cats eliminating outside their litter box, despite being litter trained. Cats often tend to eliminate outside the litter box, in places like your bed as well. There may be several reasons why your cat is eliminating outside his litter box. The only way to stop your cat from eliminating outside the litter box is by observing him/her in order to locate the underlying cause for this behavior. Scolding or punishing your cat may not work if he/she has a medical disorder for instance. It is thus essential to establish the underlying cause for your cat’s behavior to help eliminate it effectively. Firstly, you should assess whether or not this development is recent in your cat. If it is a recent trend, then his/her behavior can be attributed to a recent change in his/her life. Many a time cats resort to eliminating in places other than the litter box because they’re just not happy with it.  

One of the most common changes in your cat’s life could thus be a change in litter brand. Your cat may not like the new brand of litter and is thus refusing to use his/her litter box. In addition, your cat may not like the location of his/her litter box. You should ensure that your cat’s litter box is placed in a private enough location to encourage him/her to use it.  Cats also tend to be very protective of their litter box and may also be very finicky about cleanliness. Some cats, for instance, may not want to use the same litter box to defecate and urinate. Older male cats may spray their litter boxes to mark territory thus making it unusable for other cats. Moreover, old cats may not be physically capable of getting into their litter box and may thus eliminate elsewhere. Sometimes, if cats have been declawed, then their paws may be sensitive to the litter. They may refuse to use the litter box because it hurts their paws. Cats also tend not to share a litter box and you should thus ensure that you have separate litter boxes for each of your cats.

 In addition to litter box trouble, your cat may also have an underlying medical disorder that’s influencing his/her behavior. Your cat may be suffering from a condition that is making urination painful and/or frequent and is thus making him/her eliminate outside the litter box.

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