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How do i know if my dog is sick

(March 26, 2010)

People tend to take good care of their pets and treat pets like members of their own family. A well cared for pet will be taken for visits to the vet regularly and be vaccinated with all the popularly used vaccine. However, a dog, just like a human, is likely to fall sick occasionally, even if the best care is taken.

If you want to check on your dog’s health, you should look for certain telltale signs that might indicate illness. The first thing to check is diet. If your dog shows a lack of appetite, there may be an underlying cause for this. Try to change the dog’s meal to see if the cause is just a lack of desire to eat that particular kind of food. However, if your dog refuses any kind of food, especially things that you know it likes, you need to investigate further.

If your dog is vomiting or has diarrhea, give it light food and see if the symptoms go away. It is entirely possible, as in humans, that your dog might have consumed something that did not agree with its system. Symptoms may present themselves in the form of continuous diarrhea, blood in the stool, or extremely black colored feces. In any case, if your dog does not show signs of recovery, visit your vet for a checkup.

You may also check your dog’s urine to detect any illness. Normally, dog urine is a clear yellow liquid. If the liquid is dark, bloody, or extremely diluted, your dog may be suffering from a kidney related problem. If the dog’s nose is dry and warm, your dog may be dehydrated. This may also indicate a flu or other illness. Your dog’s energy levels should also be monitored. A dog that is perpetually tired may be just lazy, but this may also be a sign of some underlying condition.

Sick dog care is quite similar to how one would care for a human being who is sick. In case of flu like symptoms, make sure your dog consumes lots of water. If necessary, bathe your dog in a cool (but not cold) shower to provide relief from the heat. Keep noting your dog’s progress and see for signs of improvement in diet, energy, etc. If there is no improvement or if there is deterioration, this is an alarming sign and you should visit a vet. You can also consult your vet on how to care for sick dog. Never hesitate from seeking medical help if the situation is going out of hand.

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