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Why do cats hate water?

(March 26, 2010)

Cats have a fur like coat which is designed to help them regulate their body heat. Cats that are found in places with warm weather tend to have thinner coats while cats found in cold climates tend to have a thick blanket of protective coat. This is fairly obvious, but this distinction between cats can be further explored in terms of water. As a general rule, although not without exception, cats that are from places that are hot tend to like water more than cats that are from colder climates.

When one speaks of liking or hating water, one is referring to the cat’s reaction to its skin getting wet. All cats drink water, this is an essential part of the diet for all animals and even for birds.

The reasons attributed to cold weather cats hating water is the effect it has on their skin. When a cat with a thick coat gets wet, water tends to be absorbed and retained deep into the coat of the fur. This limits the cat’s ability to be warm in a cold environment. Thus, this type of cat will react negatively to getting wet, even if the cat is currently in a warm weather environment. This is a pre-conditioned behavior of the cat.

Warm weather cats may not react negatively to water. Some breeds in fact enjoy the sensation of being wet as this cools them off on a hot day and they, like humans, enjoy a refreshing bath.

However, all cats will react negatively when water is used in a way that they conceive as aggressive or aggravating. If you try and spray your cat with water from a hose, for example, your cat will most likely react negatively and either run away or try to attack you to make you stop. Cats do not like water in their eyes or ears. Cats also do not like to be forced into any action. A cat that may play with a flowing tap of water on its own will may react negatively to you trying to force it to be under the very same tap.

A lot of cats react to water because of the experiences that they have had before. If a cat has been drenched in cold rain for example, it may react negatively to being wet, even in the summer.

One must always remember that, unlike dogs, cats are fiercely independent creatures and will choose to like or dislike a particular thing based on their own judgment or desire for it.

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