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What to Feed a Dog?

(March 9, 2010)

Healthy and nutritious food is very important for the proper growth and good health of your dog. It is always difficult for the owners to choose the correct food for their dogs. Like human beings, dogs need several different essential nutrients to stay healthy. Below is a list of important nutrients required for the proper growth of your dog.

Protein and amino acids. Dogs cannot survive without protein in their diet. They require high quality protein to make 10 essential amino acids that they cannot make themselves. These amino acids are very important for their normal biological functions. Dogs are known to choose food with high animal protein; however, vegetarian food with high protein content and supplements with vitamin D are also good for their health.

Fats and Fatty acids. Animal fats are the most desirable source of energy for the dogs. Fats are an important source of fatty acids, required for proper biological function and maintenance of their skin and fur.

Carbohydrates. Dogs require carbs for performing their daily activity. So feed your dog food that is rich in carbs, such as rice.

Vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are present in very minimal amounts in the dog’s body, so they require it in their food to avoid certain deficiencies.

There is a variety of dog food available in the market to satisfy the dietary requirements of your dog. Some of these can be broadly categorized as follows:

Dry Dog Food: Dry dog food is a good meal choice for your dog, and it is simple to store and serve. Dry foods have four times as many calories per pound as canned foods and are low in calories.

Semi-moist Food: These foods have more than three times the calories of canned food and provide a complete diet for your dog. They are also economical. You can give it to your dog alone or with a cereal filler.

Canned Food: Canned food is very high in protein and are available in many different types. If your dog has a finicky appetite, canned food is your best choice.

Natural or Fresh Food: There is certainly no alternative to natural or fresh food. You can either provide cooked food or raw food to your dog. If you plan on feeding your dog fresh food rather than prepared foods, make sure you mix the meat (chicken, mutton or beef) with the correct amount of vegetables (such as carrot, cabbage, potato, spinach, and beans) and pasta or rice to provide all the necessary nutrients. Feeding your dog uncooked, unprocessed meats and vegetables should ensure that it gets all the necessary nutrients. Raw food diets for dogs comprise of foods like raw chicken, other raw meats, raw organ meets, including the liver, raw egg yolk, and cottage cheese. Vegetables can be cooked.

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