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Which foods are bad for dogs?

(January 7, 2010)

A large number of dog owners believe that foods which can be ingested by them can be ingested by their pets too. This is not a healthy approach, as there are plenty of dangers and risks attached to certain types of ingredients and foods. While there are some foods which may result in an upset stomach or vomiting, there are those which can have grave and fatal consequences. Thus, knowing what not to feed your dog is of vital importance. Alcohol is a definite no-no for dogs. Giving a dog alcohol is a way of asking for trouble, simply because it can lead to urination problems, sicknesses, disorientation, injury, coma and at times even death. Cooked bones can pose to be a very serious health hazard and hence they are bad for dogs too. Once cooked, bones become brittle, causing them to splinter easily when broken. Splinters have sharp and jagged edges, which can cause a large amount of damage. They can get stuck between the teeth or at times they could get stuck in the throat, which would then present a choking hazard. Additionally, if ingested, these splinters can puncture or rupture the intestinal tract or stomach lining. Bones that are exceptionally bad include pork chop, ham, veal, chicken legs and turkey.

Another food category that is bad for dogs is cat food. Cat food is meant for cats, hence it is named so. The reason why this food is bad for canines is simply because it contains a high level of fats and proteins, thus making it unfit for dogs. Chocolates are also known to be bad for dogs, with cooking chocolate and cocoa powder being the more toxic forms. They contain high levels of theobromine, a substance that can make a dog really sick. Do not feed a dog raisins, fruits pits, grapes and avocados. They can lead to breathing problems, kidney and pancreatitis failure and the accumulation of fluid within the stomach, heart and chest. Furthermore, the cyanide present in fruit pits is extremely toxic.  

Vegetables such as tomatoes, wild mushrooms and onions can make a dog weak and at times they can also cause serious ailments like hemolytic anemia. Tomatoes contain atropine, a substance that can cause irregular heartbeats, tremors and dilated pupils. Green tomatoes, tomato leaves and the stem of the plant contain the highest levels of atropine. Finally, excessively salty food can lead to pancreatitis and various other stomach ailments.
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