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What to feed a dog with diarrhea

(December 22, 2009)

Stomach problems are very common in dogs. Their stomachs are sensitive, and when a dog eats anything that it should have not consumed, the stomach tends to bloat and it contracts, causing the undigested food to be thrown out. This rejected food can come out as vomiting or diarrhea. If your dog occasionally passes loose stools, it could simply mean that the dog has an upset stomach. Such kind of dog diarrhea can be managed at home by taking advice from the veterinarian online.

However, if the dog is passing loose stools constantly, it is best to rush the dog to the vet. When diarrhea is severe, it may cause dehydration and could finally prove fatal for the dog. If your dog seems to be lethargic and appears to be bloated around the abdominal area, it could be an indication of a severe disorder. Check the dog’s stools for the presence of blood or mucus.

The dog should be taken to the veterinarian and checked for fever.
As soon as your dog begins to pass loose stools, the dog should not be given any food for at least 24 hours. After about a 24 hour period, start feeding the dog small quantities of food. Give small amounts of food and increase the measure of food eventually. Cut normal portions in half and avoid adding a lot of ingredients to the meal. Give your dog a bland meal consisting of boiled rice and boiled chunks of chicken. You can mix the two together but avoid any kind of seasoning. Both of these are light on the stomach and allow the stomach to relax.

If the dog has diarrhea, the amount of bacteria, which helps in the digestion of food in the stomach can go down. To reinstitute the friendly bacteria back into the body, probiotic diet should be given to the dog. Lactobacillus sporogenes, bacteria found in yogurt, is one such bacterium which is good for digestion. These bacteria can help restore the health of the intestines and the rest of the gastro intestinal tract.
Another great natural cure for diarrhea is the amino acid known as glutamine. This amino acid can help cure diarrhea. For the next few days, keep giving your dog lots of fluids in order to keep the dog’s body hydrated. Usually canine diarrhea lasts for a few days. During this time, take good care of the diet, giving only light food which is easy to digest.

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