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How to take wound care in cats

(December 22, 2009)

Your cat may have wounds that are rather obvious in their appearance. These wounds are easy to treat since they are visible. However, cat wounds are not always easily noticeable, and can be kept well hidden from the owner. Regardless of the kind of wound that your cat may have sustained, it is important to treat your cat immediately, or the wound might get infected and turn into an abscess.

Cats that are in visible pain or are experiencing stress may be wounded. Check them thoroughly for the presence of any wound. First aid is an extremely important part of helping the injured cat. Therefore, make sure that you have a first aid kit handy for emergencies. You can check with your veterinarian to find out the kind of items that are necessary to stock in a first aid box for your cat.

Animals often lash out when they are in pain, therefore, approach a wounded cat cautiously. If needed, ask for help from someone in your family. You may have to restrain the cat to check for wounds and to administer immediate first aid. As one person holds the cat, the other can clean and disinfect the wound.

First, assess the kind of injury it is. If the injury is not too deep, look for any objects wedged into the cat’s skin. If there is a cut or a scrape which is deep, there are chances of finding a shard of glass in the wound. If you do find an object, take it out gently with a pair of clean tweezers.
A cut that is large, open and bleeding may require pressure dressing. Apply some pressure directly on the wound and allow the bleeding to stop. Continue to apply pressure for a few minutes so that the bleeding stops completely. Once this has been done, clean the wound thoroughly with an antiseptic lotion. Wait for the wound to dry. If a scab has started to form on the wound, apply some warm water and hydrogen peroxide. This will help dissolve the scab.

If the wound looks infected, rush your cat to the veterinarian immediately. To complete the cleaning and the dressing, you may have to trim the fur. This fur will eventually grow back. Depending on the size of the wound, bandage the cut and allow the wrap to remain for some days. If need be, change the bandage after a few days.   

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