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Natural Dog Diet

 Submitted by Nic on January 23, 2012

Dogs are among the most popular of all domesticated pets the world over and they are highly regarded for the close bonds that they develop with their masters. However, keeping a dog as a pet is not easy and requires a number of adjustments to your lifestyle. For instance, keeping a pet dog means that you need to wake up early in the morning to feed as well as walk the animal; training the pet is also imperative, depending on the behavior of the dog.

Keeping a pet also results in a significant increase in the amount of domestic maintenance than you are used to, as shedding and littering in the house can wreak havoc! Caring for your pet and providing it with the attention it deserves is your biggest task however. The animal’s diet is naturally one of the primary facets of care and you need to be particularly attentive to your pet’s dietary needs and habits.

With the huge amount of commercially manufactured pet food, it can be quite a task choosing the right kind of diet for your pet. Just as with people, the diet plays a huge role in the overall health status of the pet, and natural food is usually regarded as the healthiest choice.

Providing your pet with a natural dog diet could be rather expensive, as would be the case with any food that is of good quality. The best tips for a natural dog diet include making sure that you purchase human quality food - avoid using your own taste as a guide to what kind of food to purchase for your pet, always ensure that your pet is fed the whole host of components that make up a natural dog food diet, namely: eggs and dairy, meat, grains and vegetables.

A natural dog diet is quite obviously one that comes closest to natural diet of a dog in the wild or of its ancestry. Such a diet would provide the dog with the optimal nutrition and also be suited to its specialized digestive system. While the same nutrients may be present in a variety of foods, the process of absorption and breaking down of nutrients varies depending on the food source.  A natural dog diet is quite balanced and if you avoid strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian diets you should be on the right track. It is rather childish to force our own unnatural dietary notions and beliefs on to our pets. Natural foods and home cooked meals are also preferable to processed readymade foods, as most packaged pet foods contain low quality foods with artificial flavoring and other chemicals added in. While planning a natural dog diet do not neglect the fiber content. This also helps in dealing with diabetes as it promotes the absorption of carbohydrates more efficiently, thereby maintaining blood glucose levels.

In addition to these basic requirements, you should keep in mind that the dietary requirements for a dog can vary greatly, just as they would for us. Specific nutritional requirements are determined by factores like the dog breed, size, age, levels of activity, presence of health conditions and so on. Your veterinarian would be the best source of advice on a customized natural dog diet plan.

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