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Traditional Siamese Cat Information

 Submitted by Michael Adams on June 10, 2010

Siamese cats are wonderful looking cats and have been a treasured breed in the annals of history.
  • Siamese cat appearance: You can easily recognize a Siamese cat by its distinctive coat as well as the almond-shaped, sapphire blue eyes. These cats look very sleek and have colored points on their feet, tail, face, and ears.

    These cats are about small to medium in size and slender in appearance. They look very elegant because of their slender body and long necks and wedge shaped head.
  • They have a slim, flexible, stylish and well-muscled body.

    They have almond-shaped eyes that glow like bright blue sapphires. Siamese cats have fine, short, soft and glossy hair. The point colors of Siamese cat breed can be Caramel, Apricot, Cream, Red, Fawn, Cinnamon, Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, and Seal. They can also be Tabby and Tortoiseshell.
  • Siamese cat behavior: These cats are very entertaining, lively and intelligent. They can also be very demanding and affectionate, developing close bonds with their owners. Do remember that these cats do not like to be ignored. They enjoy being the centre of attention. In fact, Siamese cats are known to think of themselves as people not just cats!
  • If you have a Siamese cat, rest assured that boredom will be a mile away. These cats are very ‘talkative’ and have a loud voice. Their meows sound like the cries of a small child. They enjoy human companionship and like being amidst people. You could say that these cats are extroverts. Generally, these cats bond well with one particular person more than with others.
  • According to Siamese cat facts, these cats are very affectionate and are entertaining company. Loyal and loving, Siamese cats are playful and active. High energy creatures, these cats will want to participate in all your activities.
  • Life span of Siamese cat breeds: These cats are known to live for 13-14 years, and some may also live till they are 20 years old. Kidney disease or Chronic Renal Failure can often be the cause death in these cats.
  • Siamese cat history: It is believed that the cat originated in the Siamese city of Ayudha. This was Siam’s capital city. It is believed that these cats lived in the temples of Siam, and were closely guarded as they were sacred. Only members of the Royal family could own these elegant cats as this species of felines were supposed to have special powers.
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