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Bull Terrier Temperament

 Submitted by Michael Adams on May 12, 2010

The bull terrier temperament is playful and active. They always want to be occupied with something and are curious and interested. They need constant physical activity and owners must provide them with companionship and keep them supervised.

Bull terrier dogs love children and is able to tolerate rough play. They like to play rough themselves sometimes, and hence encouraging them to be gentle is important. They may even knock children down in some cases and therefore supervision is required.

These dogs love attention and one can train them easily by incorporating a game of their liking into the process.

A bull terrier puppy that has been well socialized will be able to get along with other dogs in territory that is neutral. If they are faced with aggression from another dog, they may react in an aggressive manner. Both male and females do not like to get pushed around. The sexes get along well with each other and females also mingle well. Two male bull terriers, however, may turn aggressive. Fights can get quite serious and should be prevented. The bull terrier breed was actually bred to fight other canines. Some may not show any inclination for this, while others are quite active in this regard. Bull terrier dogs live happily with cats that are part of the household and may be hostile to other cats. Neutering is advisable for this breed. Females are less susceptible to infections of the uterus and mammary cancer. Their sex drive comes into play twice a year. Pet male bull terriers often do not get the opportunity to engage in sexual relations and hence may become frustrated. These males may also become aggressive towards others animals and towards the owner as well.   

Adult bull terriers of both sexes are strong and muscular. Their weights may range from 40 to 75 pounds. The ears are always erect and they have a short coat which is easy to care for. The coat may be brushed now and then to get rid of dead hair. The toenails should be kept short since these dogs are quite active. Bull terriers have a sharp sense of smell and vision and most dogs have very sharp reflexes. This breed is healthy and strong, and hence not very prone to genetic diseases. Deafness due to genetic factors may occur sometimes. These dogs may be vulnerable to kidney and heart problems. Regular veterinarian check-ups are recommended.
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