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 Submitted by Michael Adams on May 11, 2010

The dog family is among the most popular families for humans to domesticate as pets. For many centuries, humans have kept dogs for the purpose of protection, sometimes for hunting and sometimes just for companionship. Dogs are social animals.

They enjoy the company of people and are always ready to be affectionate and playful. Raising a dog, however, requires you to be careful and vigilant so that you can adequately take care of your dog’s health.

Dog care information is available with your veterinarian.

Every different breed of dogs is likely to require a different type of care. Care should begin at a young age so that you’re always ahead of any disease or illness that might affect your dog. This is important, not only for your dog, but also for your health and the health of your family. An unhealthy dog will bring in a whole host of unwanted infections into the home.

Dog health care begins with simple basic healthcare. Your dog should be kept clean and the coat checked regularly for ticks or other parasites. Washing your dog can also be a good way to play and bond with it. Dogs play in the muck and tend to be dirtier than humans. This is ok, as long as your dog is not filthy and has not been playing around with harmful waste like garbage.

At a young age, your dog should be vaccinated for various illnesses that are known to doctors. Normal vaccines are an integral part of dog care and they can prevent some serious and life threatening illnesses. When you have a dog, you should know how your dog behaves normally and you should lead an active life with it. This is useful for you when your dog begins to fall ill. Signs such as laziness, irritability, and excessive tiredness will then be easily understood and you can take corrective measures. It is important to feed your dog well. Processed dog foods are sometimes not good enough for your dog and you should be prepared to feed it with some meat. Dogs enjoy tearing into meat and benefit from the protein content of it. A drinking water bowl should always be kept accessible to your dog so that it is never thirsty. Exercise should be coupled to a good diet as it lets off a lot of the dog’s excess energy as well as building up fitness and stamina. 

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