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Dog Feeding Guidelines

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 26, 2010

Feeding your dog the right food is a major concern for all pet owners so that their dogs are healthy and live a long life. Feeding a dog depends upon a number of factors and is normally different from dog to dog depending on their age, physical activity and so on and thus, pet owners may wonder as to how to feed dog? Most of them, serve quantities that are prescribed at the back of the food pack but there is a lot of difference in the consistency depending upon the various brands and thus, this should be checked.

Also, you know the needs of your dog best and thus, even if you follow the guidelines mentioned on the food label, it is best you play by judgment and alter the servings according to what your dog needs best.

However, a few general dog feeding guidelines should do the trick. It is said that you should feed your dogs at least 2 times in a day where puppies eat a much smaller portion and can be fed 4 times a day.

Make sure that the food served to your dog is of room temperature as cold food can result in a stomach upset or vomiting in case of sensitive dogs. Frozen fish or meat should be kept outside at least 3 hours before serving it to your dog and this should not be heated as the nutritional value gets lost. Give your dog fresh water to drink during his meals and make sure that there is plenty of water accessible to him at all times.

Maintaining personal hygiene is very important and thus, wash your dog’s plate after dinner. If your dog is someone who is gulping down his food within seconds, place a big object in the bowl that will compel him to eat slowly. A lot of pet owners might want to feed their dogs a variety of foods but this should not be introduced immediately but over a period of 7 to 10 days where the new food is added in small quantities with the usual diet. You know your dog is overeating when their weight is increasing and therefore, it is advised that you weigh your dog once a month so that you know if he is putting on weight. Accordingly, you will have to reduce the quantity of food served and keep checking it till the weight is ideal.
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