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Most Expensive Cat Breed

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 21, 2010

Although owning a pet is highly rewarding, it can also be an expensive affair. You need to budget for feeding, grooming, medical expenses, and any other unforeseen expenses. Hence pet owners should always plan ahead and keep in mind their budgets while deciding what animal they want to keep and the specific breed.

It would also help to keep in mind that the best cat breeds are not necessarily the most expensive one.

For those deciding to keep a cat and looking to go for the best of the litter, the Ashera is tagged as the worlds rarest and most expensive cat breed. This breed of cat typically has its origins from two wild bloodlines namely the African serval and Asian leopard cat which have been crossed with an undisclosed domestic cat breed.

This breed of cats would be easily identified by their large pointed ears and striking coat. They typically are 4ft tall and weigh upto 30lb. This breed of cats is traded for an average market price of approximately £12,000. The main reason why the Ashera breed of cats is so expensive is because each cat is guaranteed to posses the same colouring and overall appearance. Although the initial investment for this particular cat would be high, on the whole it is generally a low maintenance and good tempered breed.

The Ashera is also known to be a very child friendly breed for those who may have this concern. Following closely on the heels of the Ashera in the price department, is the Bengal breed of cats which was recently sold for a whopping price of $42000. Bengal cats are generally extremely mischievous and boisterous. They are very people oriented cats and get friendly quickly with children and even other animals. The Bengal cat is a relatively large but shorthaired breed of cats wherein the males weigh between fourteen to twenty pounds and females weigh ten to twelve pounds on an average. These cats, being of wild origins are very sturdy and muscular in appearance. This breed is know for its small rounded ears and pronounced whisker pads. However inspite of its wild origins the Bengal cat is known to have an excellent temperament among domestic cat breeds.

The most commonly owned domestic cat breeds would be the Persian, Maine coon, Siamese, Birman, Ragdoll, the Oriental etc. The cats who have been said to be most popular are primarily all rounder’s as such in terms of appearance, temperament, character, maintenance and cost.

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