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Best Small Dog Breeds

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 21, 2010

Dogs are the perfect companion for any person and small dog breeds are a favorite among many because they can be easily carried around, snuggled up with and kept on the lap. There are a number of advantages of having tiny dog breeds and this becomes even more important if you have a small house. Most of these dogs are about 10 inches tall or smaller than that and handling them becomes relatively easier as compared to big dogs as they can adapt themselves to a small amount of space.

Also, these dogs eat very little in comparison to other big dogs which is a good thing as you will not spend a lot on their food, however, this calls for extra attention because you will have to ensure that they are getting the nutrition that they need out of the little food that they are eating.

Pugs are one of the best little dog breeds that you can have that are extremely affectionate, very friendly and easy to handle, get along well with children and are very playful. The miniature poodle is another great small dog that one can house as a pet as they are very intelligent, love to play, friendly with people as well as other dogs, can be trained easily and are great with children.

The cocker spaniel is said to be the friendliest and the most affectionate amongst the tiny breed of dogs that seems happy all the time and get along with almost anyone. The Papillion is known to be the most obedient dog of all the small dog breeds and thus, training them becomes very easy. These dogs can be great as watchdogs too and also are very fond of children. Chihuahua is said to be the smallest of the dog breeds in the world that are from Mexico and are about six to eleven inches tall. These dogs are very friendly but might get a little aggressive if you provoke them. Shih Tzu is another breed of tiny dogs that serve as great lap dogs. Their appeal lies in their friendly nature and these dogs are very outgoing and love to play. Maltese dog is suitable if you are looking for a small dog as a pet as this breed of dog is extremely intelligent, very well behaved and easy to train and can grow up to a maximum of 10 inches.
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