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Top Foods for Dogs

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 21, 2010

Healthy dog food is of prime importance because it is the kind of food that you give your dog that determines it’s general health. It is the source for the nutrition that they need in order to survive and grow, have a healthy skin and coat, have a lot of energy and reduce your trips to the veterinarian. However, there is no definite answer as to what is the best dog food that you can give your pet as it depends upon a number of factors depending upon the age of the dog, whether the dog is suffering from any illness and so on.

But first and foremost it is important that you understand about the exact nutritional requirements that are needed by dogs and accordingly choose the best food for your dog. You also need to make a careful note of any allergies that your dog suffers from after eating certain food. A lot of pet owners serve their dog with commercial food that is readily available in markets but it is suggested that along with feeding them commercial food, you also give them fresh raw food.

It is important that you keep a variety maintained in their diet but commercial dog food will do no good to your dog. Real food, whether cooked or raw is supposed to be the top dog food but because of time constraints most pet owners opt for the easier way of buying readymade food.

There are real foods for dogs available in the markets that are prepackaged, but they are very expensive and therefore, might not be the best option for those who are looking for a more economical option. To avoid expensive dog food, the next best option is to cook food at home for your dog and if people do not have time for this, they can choose to feed their dog’s canned food or kibble food. A perfect homemade meal prepared for dogs will include vegetables, healthy and nutritious soups, stew made out of meat and a few raw bones that are tossed in between the week. Natural dog food or raw dog food is frozen and is extremely good as it possesses the exact amount of nutrition that is needed by your dog. Moreover, the ingredients used to make this food are natural and organic. It is termed as natural food as it is fed in its natural form without the addition of any chemicals, fillers or preservatives.
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