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Dog Throwing Up White Foam

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 19, 2010

We all try to take the best possible dog health care. In fact, we often end up pampering our pets and spoiling them. Since dogs have been long considered to be man’s best friends, they deserve nothing but the best.

Therefore, when your pet dog falls sick or is even the least bit affected due to any sickness, it may result in a lot of grief.

Most pet owners are not very familiar with the various diseases that dogs suffer from and therefore, if a dog is showing any symptoms of sickness, the owners may feel concerned. This especially happens when the dog starts to cough foam.

Historically associated with rabies, white foam from a pet dog’s mouth can be the most alarming for the owner.
Actually in most cases, especially if your dog has been properly vaccinated, this white or yellow colored foam coming from your dog’s mouth is not really a sign of rabies. A dog vomiting white foam is most usually an indication of indigestion or the accumulation of bile.

The most common dog vomiting cause is ingestion of something that should not have been ingested. If the dog eats something which is not right for its stomach, the dog’s body may reject it and it comes out as white colored foam. Usually, this white substance is foamy and thick. Nothing to worry about, this is just the form that the dog’s digestive system throws out the inedible food in. if your dog’s stomach is upset due to some reason, then too, the dog may vomit white foam.

Another cause of dog vomiting white foam is a common condition known as bilious vomiting syndrome. This occurs when the dog’s body contains an excess of bile. The dog may continue to feel nauseated because of the acidic juice and finally releases it by vomiting it out. This syndrome is most apparent in the morning when the dog wakes up.

Dog vomiting treatment begins with a thorough check up by the doctor. The doctor will give a thorough physical examination to your dog, along with some tests to find out whether the dog has any infections. You will be required to share the dog’s medical history with the doctor and will also have to recount what the dog has been eating and what it has eaten specifically in the last few days. Once the cause of vomiting is understood, further treatment plan will be laid down by the doctor. The doctor will also tell you about the proper home care.

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