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Boosting Dog Immunity Level

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 16, 2010

Dogs are widely considered to be man’s best friend because of the amount of affection and protection they afford their masters. Add this to their ferocious loyalty to their masters it is no wonder that they are the most common household pet all over the world. In most households, the dog is considered to be as much a part of the family as any of its human members.

Just as with any member of the family, maintaining good health is an important part of its livelihood. However, since the dog will usually only consume what it is fed, the owners are directly responsible for the overall health of the animal. While dogs are blessed with a very powerful immune system that keeps them protected from a number of medical ailments the fact that they generally prefer to suffer in silence is the main reason that any present medical condition will only be noticed by the owner when the animal has allowed it to progress to a very serious level.

As a result, we need to make sure that the animal’s immune system is very well developed to prevent these conditions from developing within the animals system without us knowing about it.

A number of herbs are known to help boost dog immunity of the animal as well as directly fight off a number of infections and illnesses. One herb that is known to be as effective on dogs as it is on humans when it comes to boosting the immune system is Echinacea. Studies show that consumption of the herb stimulates the cells that are primarily concerned with the task of fighting off the invading particles and organisms – while also increasing the production of white blood cells and spleen cells. One foreseeable complication arising out of consumption of this herb is if the animal suffers from an allergic reaction to the herb.

Excessive consumption of the herb is also known to cause immune system suppression meaning that constant consumption of the herb may actually lead to an increase in illness over the long run. As a result, get your dog to take it only when you notice the onset of symptoms of illness for a period of a maximum of 8 weeks. Mistletoe is another herb that helps increase dog immune system response and fights off disease and infection while Huang Qi helps increase the circulation and appetite.

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